Special Features

1. Easy to use, all well done is a few minutes. 2. Use special agents. The color of the hair will be durable brilliant. The agents protect the hair unharmed from diving. Supply the nutrition to repair the hair. They may also avoid static electricity influence and make the hair gentle agreeable moisturized. 3. A […]


KATA TOOLS PROFESSIONAL TOOLS 9-32mm AS SEEN ON TV 1.Effective, practical, lightweight system. 2. With just on hand movement. 3. You’ll save time and effort on plumbing, carpentry and outdoor jobs. 4. Self-adjusting technology for nuts and bolts of all size and shapes. 5. Can be used with all systems of measurement. THE SET INCLUDES: […]


POYLEE SUNSHEET 1. Must be padded, ackaged and flattened out in good condition during storage andtrnsport. Do not store stacked panels in direct sunlight or rain. And do not scrape or scratch. 2. Printed film covers the UV-protected side of the panel and must face towards the sun. 3. The minimum radius of curvature of […]