Cooking Directions

Cooking Directions: 1. Instantly serve in 1 minute 2. 150ml (about half cup) of hot water 3. 35g (about 3 table spoons) of oatmeal 4. Stir and serve 5. Can be either cold or hot. For better taste, recommend to use skim of soymilk. Storage Method: Please store the opened pouch in a clean and […]

QUAKER OATS Chocolate Flavor

QUAKER OATS INSTANT OATMEAL Chocolate Flavor Oats from Australia Contain dietary fiber Contain protein Ingredient: Oats, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Flavouring, Salt Contains: Cereal Containing Gluten Get A Perfect Start To Your Day For over 135 years, Quaker has unlocked the power of oats to help people get the perfect start to each day. Distributor: GOODWELL […]

Carrefour Cereal List

Nesvita Senior Omega HJ Zhonglaonian Yingyang Yanmaipian 800g Yashili Walnut High Ca Oatmeal 600g Quaker Cpd Taro High Fiber 27G*6 Zhili Hongzhao Cereal Quaker Cpd Milkk High Calcium 27G*20 Zhili Walnut Oatmeal Huajing Milk Wilh Hi-Ca Cereal Yashili Jujube Wolfberry Oatmeal 600g Quaker Cpd Multi Berry 150G Quaker Cpd Coconut 500G Quaker Cpd Multi Berry […]


MADE IN TAIWAN VEGETARIAN / HOT & COOL DRINK Ingredients: Almond, Cereal Powder (Corn Powder, Rice Powder, Wheat Flour), Rock Sugar, Non-dairy Creamer, Loturs Seed, Glucose, Malt Dextrin, Vanilla Extract, Almond Extract. NET WT. : 1.05 OZ Exp. Period: 24 Months Best Before: Marked On The Package. INSTANT: Empty one sachet into a cup, add […]


WHOLE GRAIN GUARANTEED What is a Whole grain? Bran, Endosperm, Germ Why we need Whole grain? Best Before (Year/Month/Day): Manuf. Date (Year/Month/Day): Store in a cool dry place. Nutrition Information Energy Protein Fat Carbohydrate Dietary Fiber Sodium Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C Niacin Folic Acid Calcium Iron Zinc NESTLE CONSUMER SERVICES […]