SPINNAKER Mini Shortbread Biscuits baked to authentic recipes A selection of tempting delicacies made from the finest ingredients This is the true shortbread experience. Using the finest New Zealand butter and authentic recipes, Spinnaker Mini Shortbread are simply wonderful. made in New Zealand Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Btter(31%), Sugar, Wheat Starch, Salt, Flavour. CONTAINS WHEAT AND […]

SPINNAKER Mini Shortbread

SPINNAKER Mini Shortbread Biscuits baked to authentic recipes In their search for the world’s finest foods, Spinnaker has found the secret to perfection. It starts with the ingredients. Clean, pure produce – there are very few regions in the world that can make this claim. Spinnaker uses the ingredients from these abundant lands in all […]

Griffin’s Butter Shortbread

Griffin’s Butter Shortbread Shortbread Baked to a traditional Griffin’s melt-in-the-mouth butter recipe BISCUITS 200G Net PRODUCT SHOWN NOT ACTUAL SIZE NEW ZEALAND MADE Griffin’s GURANTEE Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients. This product has been made to Griffin’s highest quality standards. For comments and compliments please call Customer Services on (NZ) or […]

Assorted Cookies

Product Name: Dails Assorted Cookies Love Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Margarine & Shortening (From Palm Oil), Sugar Egg, Glucose Syrup, Black Sesame, Oat, Sodium Bicarvinate , Salt, Milk Flavour, Sweet Corn Flavour. Manufactured By: Ever Delicious Food Industrial Sdn. Bhd. No. 1-3, Taman Bakri, 84710, Kundang Ulu, Ledang, Johor, Malaysia Tel Fax Email: Website: […]


SEASONAL SELECTIONS CHOC CHIP COOKIES NET WT: 125g INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour, Margarine (Palm, Soybean), Sugar, Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Butter SubstituTe (Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Power, Dextrose, Emulsifier (492, 322), Vanillin Flavour), Cocoa Power, Eggs, Salt, Raising Agent (503ii, 450i, 500ii, 170i), Flavor. ALLERGEN ADVICE: CONTAINS WHEAT, SOY AND EGG. MAY BE PRESENT: […]


RIWEI DANISH CROWNED STYLE COOKIES ISO 9001 ISO 22000 BUTTTER COOKIES Danish Crowned Style Cookies Ingredients: Wheat flour, White granulated sugar, Shortening, Butter, Edible salt, Edible spice. Shelf Life: 12 months Production Date: Shown on the Back. Please store in a cool dry place. MANUFACTURER: ZHONGSHAN RIWEI FOODSTUFF CO., LTD Hengwei Industrial Zone, Xiaolan Town, […]


Royal Danish, Traditional Butter Cookies, made of the best quality ingredients. This is the real treat for all butter cookies-lover. The combination of its aroma, crunchy but tender texture, would provide you with the ultimate taste experience. Royal Danish OLD FASHIONED BUTTER COOKIES Copenhagen Denmark Danish Recipe Butter Vegetable Fat (Palm) Leavening Agent ( Ammonium […]


Amiko’s BUTTER COOKIES PREMIUM SELECTION Traditional Danish Recipe Net Weight 908g Prod Date (yyyy mm dd) Best Before (yyyy mm dd) The taste of joy, sharing together with friend everyday The recipe of Amiko’s Cookie is developed according to a long traditional of Danish heritage. We use natural ingredients and adding to it a careful […]

TATAWA Almond Roast

TATAWA Almond Roast Almond Cookies with Soft Chocolate Filling 10 pcs Individually Wrapped Filled Cookies Net Wt. Enjoy the Italian taste of Chocolate Cream cookies TATAWA PREMIUM SELECTION Moist Chocolate Cream filling with Roasted Almond Nip Crispy Cookies A distinctive taste of cocoa, our rich and crispy cookies are filled with creamy chocolate with roasted […]