Perfect Digital Pocket Scale

Perfect Digital Pocket Scale PS Weighing Modes g oz gn ct dwt ozt PS7-100 100 x 0/01g PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL MINI SCALE 10 Year Warranty CAPACITY 100g READABILITY 0.01G WEIGHING UNITS g, oz, gn, ct, dwt, ozt ACCURACY +_2d TARE RANGE Tare full capacity POWER AAA batteries x 2 (included) AUTO OFF 60 second off platform […]


POTABLE ELECTRONIC SCALE silver black orange light blue 1. super screening description 2. designing smart by personal characterize 3. bigger volume and higher precision 4. very cabinet and being suitable to carry it Model 10kg X 5g 20kg X 10g 40kg X 10g 50kg X 10g backlight MADE IN SHENZHEN


AF Angel Flower a new way to fall your home with fragrance Angel Flower Regulate the intensity of the perfume to suit your moods and the times of day; For a light, more gradual diffusion, only use part of the stalks as just a little of the refill. On the other hand, to give the […]

Haoshenju Cleaning Tool

Haoshenju High-tech Magic Cleaning Tool Product Introduction Our product is a high-tech cleansing tool, with super strong cleaning effect, doesn’t make any scratch on the objects, and make them look as new one. It is the necessary cleansing articales at home, and suit for the gas-oven, pressure cooker, Steel cooker, teapot, kitchen knife, aluminium alloy […]

Food Wrap

Value Pack Food Wrap How to cut plastic wrap properly Pull the wrap out evenly close the lid, press down on the mark with your thumb and turn the box inwards. Keep the hand on the wrap as it is and grip the box firmly with the other hand, cutting the wrap from the end […]

Directions for Setting Locks

Ideal for Luggages, Sports bags, Soft bags, Mail boxes, Souvenir. Directions for setting combination locks 1. With the lock open, push button (1) in the direction of the arrow and hold down until the second operation has been performed. 2. Set number wheels (2) to the desired combination. Do not forget the combination you have […]


VALUE PACK Food Wrap Can be usedfor many purposes DAISO SELECT Additives: Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids Cold / Heat Resistant Temperature: -30~110 Size Environmentally friendly polyethylene Dioxin: 0% Does not release dioxins when burned or melted Environmentally safe BPA FREE BPA(Bisphenol A) is primarily found in plastic products and is known to have negative […]