If your passion is for straight espressl or cappuccino most days of the week, investment in a professional-quality machine and grinder will be amply rewarded; however, if what you enjoy is an occasional caffe latte, the less costly machines may well meet your needs. Stove-top makers and relatively inexpensive “cappuccino” machines (which operate using tank […]


The most common mistake made in brewing espresso is brewing too much espresso from the grounds. As you leave the machine on, brewing 60 or 90 mL from a single dose, the brew gets thin and bitter, resulting in a beverage that resembles strong drip coffee, not authentic caffe espresso.


Ideally, a single shot of espresso (if using our Starbucks Barista machine) should result in 30 mL of liquid in about 20 seconds’ a double shot should result in 60 mL of liquid in the same time, using twice as much ground espresso. By experimenting with the grind, dose and tamping pressure, you can achieve […]


Brewing the Best Espresso TAMPING Tamping refers to the amount of pressure with which ground coffee is packed into the filer. If the ground coffee is packed firmly, water flows through the grounds more slowly, assuring full extraction of flavor.


Brewing the Best Espresso DETERMINING THE CORRECT DOSE The right dose nearly fills your filter insert, allowing just a small gap for the grounds to expand as they become saturated. Too small a dose can cause the espresso to gush out rather than brew slowly and evenly.


Brewing the Best Espresso GRIND IS CRITICAL The ideal grind will result in a slow, steady flow of espresso into the cup. It it’s too coarse, the espresso will gush out, thin and under extracted. Too fine, it will drip out, one bitter drop at a time. For lower-pressure units, an extra-fine grind with some […]