Some Tourist Celebrations and Festivals in Hangzhou

Name Date Venue 1. Buddhist cultural activities on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve(Luna Calendar), Lingyi Temple, Faxi Temple (Dharma Happiness Temple) 2. Lantern Festival, Around the Lantern Day of Lunar Calendar, Hangzhou 3. Xixi Plum Blossom Festival, Feb-March, Xixi National Wetland Park 4. West lake Boat Festival, April, The West Lake 5. Crossing Qiantang […]

Festival City

“life is the Name of the City, and ‘Festivals and Celebrations’ are her Carnivals” Naturally a person knowledgeable in life know how Hangzhou is good, because “Life” is the name of the city of those enjoying life. It’s life is moving, every part and in various shapes. Hangzhou ranks first among the Ten Cities of […]