The Garden Treasure – Yu Yin Shan Fang

Yu Yin Shan Fang, locates in Nancun town, Panyu, Guangzhou City, was built in the tenth year( 1871) of Tongzhi Emperor in Qing Dynasty. She shares the reputation of four most famous gardens with Liangyuan Garden in Foshan City, Keyuan Garden in Dongguan City and Qinghuiyuan Garden in Shunde city in Qing Dynasty is Guangdong. […]

View on the bridge

Inside the garden, there is a pool covered by lotus. A bridge taming the pool, Architecture beautiful little though only 20 meters long, combines ingeniously with the corridor, pavilion, bridge and fence. The bridge divides the garden into east and west two parts. The west part is named “Red Rain”, while the east part “Green […]

Yu-Yuan Garden – ladies’ quarter

It is also called “ladies’ Quarter”, which was built by WuZhongyu in 1922, who was the grandson of fourth generation of Wubin. His families had oncelived in it. It is a zigzag garden including exquisite bridge, pavilion, pool and chamber, and full of delicate sculptures of years in Avalokitesvara Hall and Arhat Hall. Trees and […]