Non-Conformity flow chart

1. A-Lab: Nonconform sample 2. Quality Department: 1) Nonconformity information 2) Internal Investigation 3) Withdrawl notice to SM, DM, RP, CCU H: sms, E-mail 3.  Stores: Store withdraw productsH+2 4.  Stores: Isolate products in storage ( withdrawal area)

Flight Delay Certification

Flight Delay/Cancel Certification Number Name Document No. Date Flight No. Flight Information: From     (via)     to STD- STA ATD – ATA Flight Delay Flight Delay Flight Cancel The Reason of Flight Delay/Cancel Company Reason Non-company Reason: Weather Flow Control Airport Joint Inspection Fuel DCS Passenger Public Safety Military Activity Air Traffic Control Flight Schedule […]

Dissolution Notice

Notice to All Suzhou Employees As part of continual of operational efficiencies, Seagate has made the difficult decision to shut down its factory in Suzhou, China which is registered as Seagate Technology International (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. We regret that our Suzhou employees will be affected by this action, which reflects our ongoing commitment to reduce […]

Supervisor Intervention Report

Supervisor Intervention Report cancel item Qty. cancel item Amt. cancel sales Qty. cancel sales Amt Reprint Qty Reprint Amt Media Swap Qty Media Swap Amt Store Recall Sales Qty Store Recall Sales Amt Pick Up Qty Pick Up Amt Training Mode Qty Force Sign-off Qty No Sale Qty Cashier Assistant Signature Cashier Chief Double Check […]

Carrefour Credit Card Return Receipt

ZH-JDGM Store Filled by Information Center Returning Date No. of Returning Form Returning Amount Operator Signature of Information Center Signature of Cashier Chief/Assistant Filled by Customer Purchasing Date Credit Card No. Total Amount on Credit Card Receipt Tel No. Customer Signature Reporting Signature and Chop Your payment will remitted to your account, please pay attention […]

Supermarket Report

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