Non-Conformity flow chart

1. A-Lab: Nonconform sample 2. Quality Department: 1) Nonconformity information 2) Internal Investigation 3) Withdrawl notice to SM, DM, RP, CCU H: sms, E-mail 3.  Stores: Store withdraw productsH+2 4.  Stores: Isolate products in storage ( withdrawal area)

How To Purchase Kitchen Knife

1. Confirm that whether you take your ID or Passport. Please you confirm your ID or Passport is available if you want to buy knife. 2. Paid for your purchase with knife dommy at Check-outs You can take knife dommy according to the number of knife sample that you need, and then paid for it […]


MANNINGS EXTRA STAMP OFFER Double Bonus Customers can earn double stamps for net spending of $60 or above on personal care products or $150 or above on skincare products Purchase designated products and quantity to get an extra stamp Personal care products include Haircare, Oral Care, Bath, Feminine Sanitary Protection, Deodorant, Shaving and Hair Removal […]

Mannings Stamp Offer

Mannings Stamp Offer 1. From now until 21 May 2015, customers can receive 1 stamp for every net spending of $60. With required stamps together with specified redemption price, customers can redeem 1 item of Staub Ceramic Collections or Christy Towel Sets. Mann Card members can redeem 1 item of Staub Mini Cocottes Sets (Heart […]

Free Delivery

Free Delivery in the same day 1. Customers who purchase over RMB 188(include RMB 188) can enjoy free delivery with bills at service center. 2. Goods should be sold by Carrefour, (Exclude fresh or frozen food, fragile articles, appliance, bulk shopping ad goods sold at the rental bar.) 3. The weight of free delivery goods […]