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Facial Wash
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 Get smoother skin with our Coconut and Rose Milk infused face wash.
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equite Face Wash Directions

equite beauty OIL-FREE Daily Face Wash Warnings: For external use only When using this products: 1. avoid contact with the eyes. If product gets into the eyes rinse thoroughly with water. 2. skin irritation and dryness is more likely to occur if you use antother topical acne medication at the same time. If irritation occurs, […]

equate OIL-FREE Daily Face Wash

equate beauty COMPARE TO CLEARASIL ACTIVE INGREDIENT OIL-FREE Daily Face Wash 2% Salicylic Acid Acne Medication Clearer skin without drying Drug Facts Active ingredient: Salicylic acid 2% Purpose: Acne medication Inactive ingredients: aloe barbadensis leaf juice, butylparaben, ethylparaben, fragrance, glycerin, isobutylparaben, lauric acid, maltodextrin, menthol, methylparaben, myristic aceid, palmitic acid, pentasodium pentetate, phenoxyethanol, polyquaternium-10, potasslum […]

Whitening & hydrating facial cleanser

Whitening & hydrating facial cleanser 1. Aloe essence, deeply clean your skin, at the same time, whitening your skin, help to improve the dullness remain skin white and health. 2. Cleansing dirt, and replenishing water to your skin, prevent water from missing, restore tender and elasticity. Also in Fresh Aloe Nursing Series Deeply Hydrating Facial […]

Anti-acne facial cleanser

Anti-acne facial cleanser 1. Clean out the dirt and comedones, keep the balance of water and oil, control acne and comedones, let your skin smooth and tender. 2. Heop to seal-in the nutrients and moisture, let your skin remain lenitive and tender. Also in Fresh Aloe Nursing Series Deeply Hydrating Facial Cream A’ Gensn Aloe […]

Deeply hydrating facial cleanser

Deeply hydrating facial cleanser A’ GENSN FRESH ALOE SERIES 1. Aloe essence and moisture factor, effectively clean your skin, supply water and nutrient what your skin need, let skin tender and moisture. 2. Have abundance foam, clean out the dirt and over oil, let skin clean and refresh. Also in Fresh Aloe Nursing Series Deeply […]

Man oil-control facial cleanser

Man oil-control facial cleanser It designs for man aloe essence clean out the dirt and over oil, dredge pore, intenerate cutin, let you feel clean and refresh. Simultaneity offer enough water and nourish, let your feel refreshing and comfort after use. Also in Fresh Aloe Nursing Series Deeply Hydrating Facial Cream A’ Gensn Aloe Vera […]

A’ Gensn Olive Cleanser

A’ Gensn Olive PORE STRING CLEANSER 1. Gentle cleaner: Olive leaf extract with a cohesive gentle cleansing force and delicate and rich foam deeply cleans the excess grease, fouling and makeup residue in pores. 2. Vitalizing moisturizer: It can develop a protective moist film on the skin surface after cleaning, and prevent the loss of […]