Panasonic Lithium

Panasonic CR 123A Lithium LITHIUM BATTERY 3V Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Osaka 570-8511, Japan. Made in Japan. WARNING: Risk of fire and burns. Do not recharge, disassemble, heat above 100C or incinerate. Do not mix fresh batteries with used Lithium Batteries or other batteries types.

Panasonic Hair Dryer

Panasonic Hair Dryer Set Mode Compact & Easy Use 1000w Pleased the enclosed operation instructions before operation this product. TURBO DRY: For easy drying SET: For easy styling Two adjustable wind switches for fast drying and easy styling. Light and compact A temperature controller and thermal fuse are built in to prevent overheating as double […]

ideas for life

Panasonic ideas for life Doltz office travel date all night home Panasonic : CHANGE Panasonic Corporation of China