NOME Policy – Bag – Introductions

Introductions (Maintenance) 1. In order to extend service life of backpack, if is recommended that the load of backpacks shall not exceed 3 Kg and 2 Kg for shoulder bags/sling bags/handbags. 2. Avoid pulling the straps or shaking the backpack when it is fully loaded. 3. Avoid contact with sharp objects or filling with corrosive […]

NOME Policy – Shoes – Warranty policies

Warranty policies (Time limit: as of purchase date) Repairs: 1. 30 days for 100% natural leather (genuine leather) products. 2. 15 days for artificial leather / cloth cover pruducts. Exchanges: Unknown new shoes can be replaced if any of the following quality issues occurs. 1. Shoes of unmatched pair; 2. Remarkable color variation is noted […]

NOME Policy – Shoes – Maintenance instructions

NOME Policy – Shoes – Maintenance Instructions A. Premium shoe cream and cloth should be used to remove the dirt from leather shoes, crocodile shoes and ostrich leather shoes. Gently rub the upper with cloth to make it bright. B. Soft cloth should be used to remove the dirt from sheepskin, moccasins or kangaroo leather […]

Tumbler Caution

Portable Tumbler Caution 1. Please clean this product in warm water with a soft cloth before use. 2. Do not wipe this product with coarse materials such as steel wool, etc. to avoid scratches. 3. Do not heat this product in high temperature appliance such as microwave, disinfection cabinet, etc. lest it cause deformation and […]

Portable Tumbler

Features 1. It is made of high borosilicate glass of high transparency, which is wear-resistant, smooth and easy to clean. 2. It can withstand fierce temperature changes, which is not easy to crack. 3. It is safe to fill with liquids of 100c and silicone sealing ring inside the lid can prevent leakage. 4. Carrying […]

Earphone Caution

Caution: 1. Pleasecontrol the volume when using the earphone lest it damage your hearing. 2. Please avoid using this product during sleep lest it damage the earphone of cause any injuries. 3. Please handle with care and avoid pulling the earphone cable forcefully. Please do not disassemble this product by yourself.


HORNAVAN COLORFUL IN-EAR EARPHONE Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable wearing experience NOME EXPLORE A NEW LIFE Minimalist and elegant product gives a stylish and amazing visual effect Features: 1. Minimalist and elegant product gives a stylish and amazing visual effect. 2. If delivers a balanced sound quality and is compatible with most cellphones or audio […]


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