Some Shows in Meixi Torii

Some Shows in Meixi Torii 1. suddenly turn hostile of Sichuan opera is showing three times everyday in the Meixi theatre. Special program for holiday 1. Shanxi drum 2. northeast frug Zhuhai Meixi Tourist Development Co., Ltd Add: MEIXI QIANSHAN GUANGDONG PROVINCE CHINA HTTP://WWW.ZHMX.COM


Su Xiaoxiao, a famous singsong girl in Hangzhou during the Southern Qi Dynasty (470-502), was endowed with both beauty and talent. Her poems have enjoyed great popularity. It was said that she was buried at one side of the Xiling Bridge after her death. Later, Mucai Pavilion (the Pavilion for Admiring the Talented) housing her […]

Some Tea Houses in Hangzhou City

Name Add 1. Lake View Teahouse 1, Shengtang Scenic Spot 2. Taiji Garden 194, Hefang Street 3. Chenghuangge Teahouse On Wushan Hill 4. Ivy Teahouse 278, Nanshan Road 5. Harmony Teahouse 77, Huimin Road 6. Yellow Dragon Teahouse 57, Shuguang Road 7. Men’er Teahouse 8, Huangcheng Road (W) 8. Xinyuan Teahouse 278, Qingchun Rd. 9. […]

Jiande -Tourist Festival, Xin’an River, China

Jiande -Tourist Festival, Xin’an River, China The festival is themed on the “cool world-Xin’an River”. It includes mainly the first Dragon Boat Invitation Tournament Xin’an River, the River Crossing and Cold Endurance, the “Walk through Xin’an Rivere” by 100 families, and xin’an River Firework Show. The various programs will present to you a colorful country. […]

Chun’an – Thousand-islet Lake Water Festival

The festival takes full advantage of the beautiful water of the Thousand-islet Lake by using the water as the medium and the water festival as a meeting platform. It features the international yacht exhibition, the Fish Catching with a Huge Net, the street performances, the firework show and the folk culture month – “Happy Water […]

A Collection of International Circus

A Collection of International Circus Acts Available at Chimelong At the Zhuhai Chimelong International Circus City, one can enjoy award winning acts from the greatest circus festivals in the world, including those from Monaco Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival, Russia International Circus Festival, and Italy Latina International Circus Festival, with more than 150 performers from Asia, […]

Some Leisure Festival in Hangzhou City

Name Date Venue 1. Peach Blossom Festival /Mach /Banshan Village, Xindeng, Fuyang 2. Loquat Festival Tangxi /May /Tangqi Town, Yuhang District 3. Dragon Boat Festival /Dragon Boat Day /Wuchang Village, Yuhang District 4. Waxberry Festival Dujia, Xiaoshan /In the middle of June /Du’s Village, Suoqian Town, Xiaoshn 5. Fishing Boat Light Festival Sanjiang /In the […]