The Garden Treasure – Yu Yin Shan Fang

Yu Yin Shan Fang, locates in Nancun town, Panyu, Guangzhou City, was built in the tenth year( 1871) of Tongzhi Emperor in Qing Dynasty.

She shares the reputation of four most famous gardens with Liangyuan Garden in Foshan City, Keyuan Garden in Dongguan City and Qinghuiyuan Garden in Shunde city in Qing Dynasty is Guangdong.

Yu Yin Shan Fang is constituted by two sites: the Original Garden, which is one of the national protected cultural relic, and the Wenchanguan patron of scholare park site which was built in 2006.

There arefour characteristics in the original site: The first one is for the trees make a thick shade. To hide from public notice, you will always feel the refreshing and peaceful green shades;

The second one is the delicate design to show abundant contentsholds much though covers small.

It is stylied for exquisiteness and sophistication with various pavilions, terraces, loggias, turrests, archways, bridges, boudoirs, balconies, halls, corridors as well as rockwork and water holding in a small bit of land, which create an excellent environment of serenity and vastness with gardens in garden, scenery in scenery.

The third one is water-enjoyable-space design. Walking around of the water, The path winds along mountain ridges, tourists find it an endless route.

The fourth one is scholar elegance. The garden is shined with wisdom of the couplet. The original garden has three fantastic scenery, which are Hong Yu Lv Yun (Red rain, Green clouds metaphors for flowers and trees), Wan Hong Kua Lv, Shen Liu Cang Zhen (treasures inside the willow), and four architectures named Shen Liu Tang, Lin Chi Bie Guan, Wo Piao Lu, Ling Long Shui Xie.

The Wenchangsite is streamed with Chinese Wenchang culture. Inheriting the traditional Ling Nan Landscape building skills, Wenchang site decorated a traditonal garden scenery with foliage shape, water temple, shadow willow and aromatic Osmanthus.

Wenchang Yuan is composed by “Chamler of Cultural prasperity” and “Guabang mountain”.

The original garden master Mr. Wu bing (styled Wu Yan tian) was a provincial graduate (a successful candidate in the imprerial examinations at the provincial leve), been a senior official of Qing Dynasty as the supernumerary vice minister of Punishment Department, conferment of honorary titler by imperial mandate grand master for thorough service.

Praiseworthily, his two sons also became provincial graduate after him. Later on, Mr. Wu resigned on account of his mother old age, returned to his hometown., lived in seclusion and built this garden.

He had this garden named “yu Yin” to grant his ancestors and pray for his descendants.

The garden wasn’t named garden but Shan Fang for it is located out-of-the-way and also indicates the modesty of the master.

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