Xinyue Muslim Restaurant

Xinyue Muslim Food Corporation was founded in 1989. The company is dedicated to the service of authentic Chinese-Muslim cuisine and fine dining experiences. Over the course of last two decades, our corporation has emerged into a diversified enterprise that ventures not noly in the culinary world but also in food manufacturing and hospitality. In recognition […]

A Chongqing menu

MENU Meat dishes 1. Sliced Canadian beef brisket 2. Canadian Silver Hake 3. Canadian Snapper 4. Canadian Beef Meatball 5. Canadian Lobster Dezhuang Tripes and Goose Intestine Assorted Meatball Duck Gizzards Quail Eggs with Bean Sprouts Vegetable dishes Assorted mushroom Lotus root and potato Sliced cucumber and noodles Furgus and Banboo Shoots Seaweed Snacks Fried […]

Christmas Menu

Opening Course New Zealand cheese baked Blue mouth-spiral shell French Goose liver Soup Cream of Mushroom with Chicken Soup Main Course Australian T-bone Beefsteak Salad Vegetable Salad Dessert Fruits Jelly CAFE OF DE LONG

Wedding Banquet

I LOVE YOU Love, promised between the fingers, Finger rift, twisted in the love. Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak, My heart is with you. Happy Wedding’s Day Perfect wedding partner combined happy lovers. Lver-promise Sheng Yue And Devote Yourselves To Each Other LOVER FORVER

The Restaurant Recipe

BUSINESS LIGHT MEAL Pork and egg Curry chicken Fried pork with mushroom Korean kimchi fried pork Braised spicy fish Fried mushroom Beef roll Pork rice Curry beef brisket Wide goose HOME DISHES SIMPLE STAPLE Laver rice Bibimbap Chicken rice Roast pork Pork chop rice Baked fish and rice Eel rice Cowboy bone

MR. & MRS. AYSH Receips

Riding with a young simple heart North West Columbian Basin “Russet Burbank”, Lamb Weston Fresh Fries Honey Mustard Aysh Spicy Cheese Aysh Black Truffle Aysh Spicy Bolognese Aysh Lemon Spice Aysh Chili Cheese Bolognese Ash Caviar & Truffle Aysh Hot Dog Beef Steak Hot Dog Captain America Cheesy Hot Dog Aysh Hot Dog Snack Curry […]