Food Wrap

Value Pack Food Wrap How to cut plastic wrap properly Pull the wrap out evenly close the lid, press down on the mark with your thumb and turn the box inwards. Keep the hand on the wrap as it is and grip the box firmly with the other hand, cutting the wrap from the end […]


VALUE PACK Food Wrap Can be usedfor many purposes DAISO SELECT Additives: Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids Cold / Heat Resistant Temperature: -30~110 Size Environmentally friendly polyethylene Dioxin: 0% Does not release dioxins when burned or melted Environmentally safe BPA FREE BPA(Bisphenol A) is primarily found in plastic products and is known to have negative […]

Belt for Women

DAISO Japan Quality LADIES’ BELT K-4C TYPE SIZE M WAIST LENGTH CAUTION 1. Keep away from fire and other sources of heat. 2. Do not use this product for purposes other than its originally intended purpose. Material / Body: PVC Quality and Design by DAISO JAPAN MADE IN CHINA sac@daisobrasil

Use and Caution

Handicraft-Material Handicrafts bond 1. Always test for best results. 2. Squeeze onto surface, clean up water and oil, apply glue one adhesion side, press pieces together. CAUTION: 1. Not intended for washable wearables. 2. After use put the cap of nozzle firmly and keep out of reach children. 3. Use for gluing purposes only. 4. […]

Handicrafts bond

Handicrafts bond Type: Liquid adhesive Net weight: 27g Material: Acetic acid vinyl polymerization body 49% Water 45% Ethylene glycol 3.5% Phthalic acid Gan Btill 2.5% Use: For cotton, felt, paper, wood, and leather A water based glue that becomes clean when dry. Glue for crafts and hobbies. MATERIALS/Bottle: PE(polyethylene) MADE IN JAPAN Produced for DAISO […]

How to Use the Brush

CAUTION 1. Do not boil or spill hot water on it. 2. After use, store after washing well in water and drying. 3. Do not use chlorine disinfectant or bleach. 4. Brush by moving it in small potions applying light force. Be careful because brushing too hard may result in damage to the gums. 5. […]

DAISO JAPAN Cotton Swabs

DAISO JAPAN Cotton Swabs Produced for DAISO JAPAN PP AXIS 300 PCS Please read the instruction before using it. NOTICE 1. Do not enter the ear canal. 2. If used to clean ears, stroke swabs gently around the outer surface of the ear without entering the ear canal. 3. Keep out of reach of children. […]

How to use the retractable

How to use the retractable The cable may get twisted if not used as specified. To extend out: Always hold the two sides and gently pull out. If you shorten : Hold the 2 sides, extend a little and unlock it. Slowly bring it to the shortest length. CAUTION 1. The product is for stereo […]

Retractable Stereo Earphone

Retractable Stereo Earphone Canal type 3.5 mm stereo mini plug Maximum length of the cord Approx. 27.55 inch MADE IN CHINA MAIN MATERIALS Main Body: ABS Resin Earpiece: Silicon Plug: Copper, Nickel Plated Cable Core: Copper Cable Cover: Polyurethane DAISO Japan Quality Quality and Design by DAISO JAPAN