How To Purchase Kitchen Knife

1. Confirm that whether you take your ID or Passport. Please you confirm your ID or Passport is available if you want to buy knife. 2. Paid for your purchase with knife dommy at Check-outs You can take knife dommy according to the number of knife sample that you need, and then paid for it […]

Free Delivery

Free Delivery in the same day 1. Customers who purchase over RMB 188(include RMB 188) can enjoy free delivery with bills at service center. 2. Goods should be sold by Carrefour, (Exclude fresh or frozen food, fragile articles, appliance, bulk shopping ad goods sold at the rental bar.) 3. The weight of free delivery goods […]

Dear Customer

Dear Customer: Please check your change and all items you bought when leaving, otherwise we don’t take any responsibilities. Please keep your receipt in case of returning, refund or invoice issuing. For healthy environment, please save shopping bag.

Carrefour Policy

Dear customers, if the paid price of the commodity purchased in our store is higher than the price on the price label, we will refund 5 times the price gap to you as compensation. If you purchase more than one piece of the same commodity at the same time, we will refund 5 times the […]

Supervisor Intervention Report

Supervisor Intervention Report cancel item Qty. cancel item Amt. cancel sales Qty. cancel sales Amt Reprint Qty Reprint Amt Media Swap Qty Media Swap Amt Store Recall Sales Qty Store Recall Sales Amt Pick Up Qty Pick Up Amt Training Mode Qty Force Sign-off Qty No Sale Qty Cashier Assistant Signature Cashier Chief Double Check […]

Carrefour Cereal List

Nesvita Senior Omega HJ Zhonglaonian Yingyang Yanmaipian 800g Yashili Walnut High Ca Oatmeal 600g Quaker Cpd Taro High Fiber 27G*6 Zhili Hongzhao Cereal Quaker Cpd Milkk High Calcium 27G*20 Zhili Walnut Oatmeal Huajing Milk Wilh Hi-Ca Cereal Yashili Jujube Wolfberry Oatmeal 600g Quaker Cpd Multi Berry 150G Quaker Cpd Coconut 500G Quaker Cpd Multi Berry […]

Carrefour Credit Card Return Receipt

ZH-JDGM Store Filled by Information Center Returning Date No. of Returning Form Returning Amount Operator Signature of Information Center Signature of Cashier Chief/Assistant Filled by Customer Purchasing Date Credit Card No. Total Amount on Credit Card Receipt Tel No. Customer Signature Reporting Signature and Chop Your payment will remitted to your account, please pay attention […]

Supermarket Report

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