Carrefour Cereal List


Nesvita Senior Omega
HJ Zhonglaonian Yingyang Yanmaipian 800g
Yashili Walnut High Ca Oatmeal 600g
Quaker Cpd Taro High Fiber 27G*6
Zhili Hongzhao Cereal
Quaker Cpd Milkk High Calcium 27G*20
Zhili Walnut Oatmeal
Huajing Milk Wilh Hi-Ca Cereal
Yashili Jujube Wolfberry Oatmeal 600g
Quaker Cpd Multi Berry 150G
Quaker Cpd Coconut 500G
Quaker Cpd Multi Berry 500G
NESVITASavory Oat Corn Chicken 175g
NESVITASavory Oat Veg Beef  175g
Zhili Milk with Ca Oatmeal 800g
Ximai Blackbean Oatmeal
CUI MAI PIAN Cereal 150g
KOKO KRUNCH Cereal 150g
Honey NutO 250g
Frosties 175g
Gaolaotou Instant Oatmeal 750g

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