A-One Noodles

Ingredients: Noodles: Wheat flour, refined palm oil, modified tapioca starch (1420), iodine salt, sugar, flavor enhancer:(621), stabilizers:(466), (412), (501i), raising agent: (451i), (500i), disodium succinate (INS 364ii), food coloring: (102), antioxydant (307b). Seasoning packet: Olein oil, iodine salt, sugar, flavour enhancer: (621, 640, disodium succinate (INS 364ii)), spices (chilli powder, garlic powder, pepper powder), artificial […]

Currency Exchange Memo

Exchange Memo Loyalty Currency Exchange Co., Ltd No: Shop: Date: Name ID type ID No. Nationality Sold currency and amount Exchange rate Bought currency and amount Service fee Method of payment Remark Check: Clerk: Signature: Loyalty Exchange is so convenient to you

Din Sum Menu 3

Hong Kong Fulum Palace 223 Leek yellow fresh shrimp slippery sausage powder 224 Honey barbecued sausage 225 Smooth beef sausage 232 Red rice crispy skin sausage 154 Hand-rubbed buckwheat sausage 350 Plain steamed vermicelli roll  331 Now the soya-bean grinding 129 Ice skin snow durian 258 Stout pear coconut cake 1628 Mango pudding 370 Special […]

Din Sum Menu 2

Hong Kong Fulum Palace DELICIOUS FOOD 1728 Poached young Chinese cabbage 164 Poached vegetables 1207 Stir-fried onion oil brings fresh huaishan 2446 Steamed baby vegetable wih minced garlic and vermicelli 1203 Stir-fried seafood and vegetables in pot 1727 Stir-fried broccoli with ginger juice 2417 Stew soup 1807 Preserve one’s health of soup 8031 Stewed chicken […]

Din Sum Menu 1

Hong Kong Fulum Palace 1992 Roast pigeon 2111 Golden roast goose 161 Steamed shrimp dumpling with bamboo shoots 256 Abalone sauce chicken feet 152 Hong kong-style pumpkin frying pile DELICIOUS FOOD 6061 Freshly squeezed cantaloupe juice 6051 Fresh watermelon juice 36 Fresh orange juice 6052 Apple juice 37 Pear juice 6004 Small sprite 6002 Cocacola […]


KOPIKO GRANDE LATTE CARAMEL LIQUID Put 1 sachet Kopiko Grande Latte Coffee Powder into mug, add 200 ml (1 cup) hot water. Stir well, rich taste of Kopiko Grande Latte Coffee is ready to be served, add the caramel liquid according to your taste. Produced by PT TORABIKA EKA SEMESTA, PO Box 6138, Jakarta 11061, […]

Durian Pie

Durian Pie JIAN HUANG FOOD Musang King Durian Pie Product name: durian Pie (baking pastries) Type: hot processing Ingredient list: Mung bean, wheat flour, white sugar, durian pulp (more than 15% flesh), refined vegetable oil, drinking water, edible salt, food additive (potassium sorbate, sodium dehydroacetate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, edible essence). Allergen information: cereal and its […]