How to Use the Brush

CAUTION 1. Do not boil or spill hot water on it. 2. After use, store after washing well in water and drying. 3. Do not use chlorine disinfectant or bleach. 4. Brush by moving it in small potions applying light force. Be careful because brushing too hard may result in damage to the gums. 5. […]


Bristles with binchotan which helps remove the bad breath. Non-slip rubber handle design With soft rubber inlay the toothbrush handle which make the cleaning more comfortable and easier. Binchotan bristles Bristles with binchotan microlite which helps remove the bad breath effectively. When it brushes the teeth, the bristles massage the gums and improve blood circulations. […]

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Colorful toothbrush

Regular type. Normal Produced for DAISO JAPAN With a head case Open from here Description according to the household goods labeling law Material of handle: Polypropylene Material of brush: Polybutylene terephthalate Max. Temp Limit: 80℃ Hardness of bristles: Regular type When the bristles are worn out, replace the toothbrush with a new one. MADE IN […]


Taper bristles achieve in-depth cleaning in between teeth without injury to gum. Oval shape toothbrush head reaches those hard-to-reach places in the mouth easily, help to clean the teeth. Special non-slip toothbrush handle gives you a comfortable and flexible holding. COLGATE SANXIAO CO., LTD. WWW.SANXIAO.COM.CN QUALITY PRODUCTS QUALITY PEOPLE QUALITY PROCESSES