VS SASSOON TREND COLLECTION ROUND BRUSH RECOMMEND FOR: 1. Blow-dry styling for medium to long lengths of all textures. 2. Smoothing and straightening curly or wavy hair. 3. Creating soft curls and adding shape and fullness. IMPORTANT: 1. To avoid tangling, do not wrap hair more than three-quarters of the way around the brush. Conair […]

How to use hair contioner

How to use 1. Remove cap from tube 1. Press cone on cap against seal to open tube. Squeeze cream from tube to fill up one groove on brush, then squeeze same quantity of cream from tube 2 to fill up the other groove on brush. Apply cream to hair starting from grayest area. If […]

Bigen For Asian Hair

Speedy Darkening Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner gives superior darkening results instantly. By adjusting the color developing, time, different darkening effects may be achieved. Moderate Darkening Grey hair can be significantly darkened in just 5 miuntes. Gradual Darkening Grey hair can be gradually darkened via repeated applications with shortened applications with shortened color developing time. […]

Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner

Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner Specially formulated for Asian hair to attain beautiful true-to-life hair color. Speedy Hair Color Conditioner with Natural Herbs Natural Brown Darkens grey hair in 5 MIN. Darkening enhanced as developing time lengthens. Contents: Cream No. 1 40g Cream No. 2 40g Hair Brush 1pc Please read enclosed directions carefully. Seller: […]

Kokusai Hair Mascara

Kokusai Hair Mascara act as retouch of hair color. dark brown First shake well, then brush on. Once wash will decolorized. Allergy Test Apply this Mascara on skin inside the elbow, wait for 10 minutes, if skin becomes red or itchy, stop using it. Made in Japan SOLE AGENT: TZIN TA MEDICINE CO., LTD. Tel: