Whitening Hydrating Facial Lotion

Whitening hydrating facial lotion 1. Contain complex whitening ingredient, effectively make our skin white and light, all-sided care it, and make it become white transparent skin. 2. Aloe essence, is fast absorbed by skin, continually supply water and nutrient, remain water, prevent from drying.

Nourishment Skin Toner

Nourishment skin toner 1. Aloe essence, nourish and moisture your skin, help shrinking pore, advance the ability of absorbing nutrient, let skin tender. 2. Contains vitamin c, quickly infiltrating into skin, supply nutrient and water make skin moisture and exquisite.

Whitening & Hydrating Facial Cream

Whitening & hydrating facial cream 1. Contain complex whitening ingredient, prevented your skin from becoming black and coarseness, let your skin tender and crystal. 2. Aloe essence is fast absorbed by skin, continually supply water and nutrient what your skin need, make skin moisture and young look.

Hydrating Moisturizing Facial Mask For Nightly Skincare

Hydrating moisturizing facial mask for nightly skincare 1. Completing moisturizing , nourishing in night, make the skin more smooth and tighten. 2. Aloe extract, penetrate fully nourish the skin, high moisture, hydrating skin at sleep, relieve dry skin, dull skin from fatigue, restore luster. 3. After use, the skin moisture content increase in one night, […]

Multiple Repair Isolate Emulsion

Multiple repair isolate emulsion 1. The first: it is fresh texture, easily absorbed. 2. The second: aloe essence, deep moisturizing the skin, lock water, moisturizing dry skin, make skin tender and elastic. 3. The third aloe essence can form protective membrane on skin surface, prevent from harmful environmental factors. 4. The fourth: combined with vitamin […]

Man Moisturing Nourishment Cream

Man moisturing nourishment cream 1. It design for man, adding pearl essence and royal jelly, it is easy to absorb, moisture your skin. 2. Aloe essence replenish water and nutrient what your skin need, make it tender, and remain smooth elasticity, make your skin like the children’s.

Natural flawless repair cream

Natural flawless repair cream 1. With moisturizing, oil control, maintenance, polish, isolation effect, multiple nurse the skin. 2. Aloe extract, nourish and moisturize skin, even if the acne or sensititive skin may also be used, both cream and liquid foundation function, make your skin look good. 3. Light particles, cover fin lines and pores, acne, […]

Aloe Essence Liquid

Aloe essence liquid 1. It is extract from herb “aloe”, rich in polysaccharide, amino acid, vitamin, protein and trace elements, mild nature. It has the effect of make-up water and emulsion moisturizing. 2. Deeply moisturizing, lock water, help to improve skin problem, keep skin tender, smooth and white, skin show moisture and light. 3. Aloe […]