Beach Spot Rules

FENGHUANGWAN BEACH 1. No Pets Allowed 2. No Littering 3. Ban bicycles motor vehicle in 4. The prohibition of inflammable and explosive dangerous goodsin 5. No Fishing 6. No Swimming 7. No Gambling 8. Vendors Prohibited

Some Shows in Meixi Torii

Some Shows in Meixi Torii 1. suddenly turn hostile of Sichuan opera is showing three times everyday in the Meixi theatre. Special program for holiday 1. Shanxi drum 2. northeast frug Zhuhai Meixi Tourist Development Co., Ltd Add: MEIXI QIANSHAN GUANGDONG PROVINCE CHINA HTTP://WWW.ZHMX.COM

Chen Fang’s former residence

Chen Fang’s former residence Chen Fang was born in 1825 in Meixi Village, Zhuhai. Later he became a millionaire and was labeled “merchant prince of the sandalwood mountains”. In Hawaii he married the Hawaiian king’s nominal sister Julia in 1857 and was soon elected to the member of the privacy of Hawaiian Kingdom. He was […]