MingTek SELFIE STICK INTEGRATED FOLDABLE SMART SHOOTING AID Best Capability & Steady provided by 3rd generation chipset Quality is the life three generations drive-by-wire INSTRUCTIONS: Principle: using the headphone cable to touch off the photo button. Be Attention: Before buying this product, please confirm the volume key of your phone can take pictures or set […]


GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR PRO+ OLEOPHOBIC COATING REAL GLASS PERFECT ADHESION DELICATE TOUCH SURFACE HARDNESS SLIM 9h Super Strong 9H Hardness Just impossible to make scratches. HD Anti-fingerprint Guarantee Bubble Free Optical silicone adhesive Optical PET coating Tempered glass material Nano-plating coating The Latest Generation Curvy Boder Glass Membrane Premium Tempered Glass Protector Product Features 1. […]