NOME Policy – Shoes – Warranty policies

Warranty policies

(Time limit: as of purchase date)

1. 30 days for 100% natural leather (genuine leather) products.

2. 15 days for artificial leather / cloth cover pruducts.

Unknown new shoes can be replaced if any of the following quality issues occurs.

1. Shoes of unmatched pair;

2. Remarkable color variation is noted between upper and sole.

Shoes can be replaced within 15 days after it is sold if any of the following issues occurs.

1. Shoes with serious fading on the upper;

2. Upper fracture from normal using;

3. Sole fracture from normal using.

If any of above issues occurs and shoes of the same item number or the same style are not available, different style shoes with same price can be offered to consumers.


1. If quality issue cannot be resolved after being repaired twice in the first mongh, 0.5% depreclation expense of the original price per day will be charged and return of goods can be received.

In some instances, we are sadly unable tl offer refunds of exchanges.
1. Damaged goods due to improper wear and care.
2.Goods marked as “disposed product” or “off-grade”
3. Goods without shopping receipt
4. Goods out of warranty
5. Goods repaired or dismantled by consumers.

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