Deposit Receipt

CHINA GUANGFA BANK Date: Card/Account Number: Account Name: Currency: Deposit Amount: Interest Rate: Deposit Duration: Business Type: Operation Teller: Information for Clients 1. The priciles, which are voluntary deposits, free withdrawals, interest-bearing for deposit and keeping privacy for depositors, are throughout our savings business. 2. Real name should be adopted for opening savings account, please […]

ATM Operating Instruction

ATM Operating Instruction Steps: 1. Insert the bank card into the slot, and input the password correctly through the keyboard. 2. Select a service needed. After that, choose whether to print the Customer Notice or not. 3. Press Continue to go on with other services, or choose to take back the card, and exit the […]

ATM Safety Tips

To provide comfortable, convenient and safe self-service, please notes the following tips: 1. Before using the ATM for transaction, make sure there is no extra equipment or camera on the machine. Please enter your password as quickly as possible and cover your hand gestures with your body to prevent prying eyes. 2. Never disclose your […]


CHINA GUANGFA BANK CUSTOMER ADVICE NOTE Date Time Seq. No. Branch No. Terminal No. Transaction Type Account Number Transfer to Transaction Amount Commission charge Accepted Rejected Card Kept by bank Reference No. of transactions unprinted on passbook Please Contact Bank 1. Deposit will be credited to your account after the information verified by bank. 2. […]