ATM Operating Instruction

ATM Operating Instruction


1. Insert the bank card into the slot, and input the password correctly through the keyboard.
2. Select a service needed. After that, choose whether to print the Customer Notice or not.
3. Press Continue to go on with other services, or choose to take back the card, and exit the transaction interface.

1. You can withdraw up to 20,000 yuan a day with this Financial Management Card.
2. Please unpack the binding banknotes before depositing, and then place the banknotes flatly and horizontally into the deposit/withdrawal port, and press Confirm to close the deposit/withdrawal port(damaged banknotes, inflected banknotes, or too old banknotes will be rejected by the device). The device will automatically return the banknotes to the deposit/withdrawal port if the deposit operation is cancelled or there are unidentified banknotes.
3. Please confirm the supporting policies of the transfer-out bank and the transfer-in bank against the interbank transfer services before using the interbank transfer function. Your interbank transfer instruction will be executed only when both the transfer-out bank and the transfer-in bank offer such service.
4.To avoid any deposit transaction failure, take care not to put any coins, pins and other foreign matters into the deposit/withdrawal port together with the banknotes.


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