Food Wrap

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Food Wrap

How to cut plastic wrap properly

Pull the wrap out evenly close the lid, press down on the mark with your thumb and turn the box inwards.

Keep the hand on the wrap as it is and grip the box firmly with the other hand, cutting the wrap from the end of the blade.

Be careful in handling cutter.


Pull and remove paper and blade together from the “After use” perforation line.

Caution: When remove the blade, be careful handling the cutter as it may spring back.

Do not touch the blade.

If difficult to determine where the roll starts, apply tape to several places along the roll and pull the wrap. Using fingernails or cutting tools to find the start of the roll will damage the wrap.

Do not cut the wrap with the lid open.


Do not use in the oven.

Keep away from gas burners.

Keep away from fire and other sources of heat.

Keep away from items with strong odor(detergents, air fresheners).

Keep out of reach of infants.

Do not use this product for purposes other than its originally intended purpose.

Do not use in microwave.




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