Auburn Cabinet Lock


Store Cabinet Lock

Designed For Travel


HARDENED, Shackle, Tumbler, Notch, Reset button

Set your own combination

The original combination is 0-0-0-0

please reset your own combination by following easy steps:

1. Push the reset button to “SET” position.
IMPORTANT: The lock must be in this position the entire time you are setting the tumblers to your new combination. Failure to do so could cause you to inadvertently set a random combination instead of your specified word.

2. Turn the tumblers to your desired combination (eg. 8-8-8-8), and make sure it aligns with both notches.

3. Push the reset button back to “OFF” position. Please remember your combination well. Repeat Steps 1-3 any time you wish to change your combination.

To Lock: With the tumblers set to your combination, close the shackle until you hear a click, and scramble the tumblers.

To Unlock: Set the tumblers so that the letters of your combination align with both notches and pull up on the shackle.


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