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1. Made up of natural ceramic material and free of toxic substances

2. Broad temperature resistance range from -20℃ to 300℃

3. Suitable for oven, microwave and steaming

STAUB Ceramic Collections:

1. Ceramic Rice Bowl Set
(12cm / 400mL)
(Cherry Red 4 PCS or Basil 4 PCS)

2. Ceramic Noodle Bowl Set
(17cm / 1.2L)
(Cherry Red 2 PCS or Basil 2 PCS)

3. Ceramic Salad Bowl
(25cm / 3.2L)
(Cherry Red)

STAUB Mini Cocottes Set

4. Heart Mini Cocottes Set
(10观/ 200mL)
(Cherry Red 2 PCS)

5. Round Mini Cocottes Set
(10cm / 200mL)
(Basil 2 PCS)

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