Din Sum Menu 1

Hong Kong Fulum Palace

1992 Roast pigeon

2111 Golden roast goose

161 Steamed shrimp dumpling with bamboo shoots

256 Abalone sauce chicken feet

152 Hong kong-style pumpkin frying pile


6061 Freshly squeezed cantaloupe juice

6051 Fresh watermelon juice

36 Fresh orange juice

6052 Apple juice

37 Pear juice

6004 Small sprite

6002 Cocacola

2103 Iced burn three layers of meat

2424 Mustard palm also spell green melon

2102 Barbecued pork

0004 Brittle element goose

2661 Big fan chicken with ginger sauce

2007 Sand ginger pork

515 Ice chicken feet

2012 Cold black fungus

2003 Soy-preserved radish

2002 Steamed chicken with chili sauce

2004 Cold cucumber in sauce

2000 Marinated beancurd in Chengdu

1531 Charcol burning herring

1994 Blueberry mixed with jam

1896 Roast goose seto powder

1991 Honey char siew rice noodle

359 Watercress congee with kidney

290 Salty bones dishes dry porridge

295 Chinese yam, lily and pumpkin porridge

296 Poached beef porridge

253 Rice congee

249 Minced pork congee with preserved egg

299 Chinese wolfberry yellow sand pig mixed porridge

2673 Lobster dipped in rice noodles

2469 Braised fresh abalone with goose web in abalone sauce

2436 Fried beef short rib

3124 Golden bean curd with pepper and salt

2471 Braised fin with crab yolk

2523 Soak seafood in chicken sauce

35 Pepper and salt squid whiskers

9939 Fried prawn

259 Fried white radish patty with xo sauce

2157 Tofu with peking sauce


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