Din Sum Menu 2

Hong Kong Fulum Palace


1728 Poached young Chinese cabbage

164 Poached vegetables

1207 Stir-fried onion oil brings fresh huaishan

2446 Steamed baby vegetable wih minced garlic and vermicelli

1203 Stir-fried seafood and vegetables in pot

1727 Stir-fried broccoli with ginger juice

2417 Stew soup

1807 Preserve one’s health of soup

8031 Stewed chicken with fish glue

8214 Stewed duck with green olive

8131 Chicken wings in thick soup

35 Stewed conch with Chinese yam medlar and fish maw

2322 Fried rice with pork

3019 Steamed prawns with minced garlic

3018 Rich in gold and silver bubble rice

1316 Dried scallop protein fried rice

3109 Steamed rice with mushroom and chicken

2473 Raw fried glutinous rice with preserved flavor

2459 Cooked wild rice with mushroom

2458 Cooked abalone grain rice

2470 Steamed Chen cun powder with sesame in sauce

2462 Braised yi mein noodles with golden mushroom

1150 Boiled coarse noodles with ginger, and onion

3003 Fried noodles with soy sauce

3107 Fried rice flour with three shreds of scallion

2472 Noodles in meat sauce

3102 Stir-fried rice noodles with beef

203 Steamed chicken feet with sichuan sauce

202 Steamed spareribs with soy sauce and garlic

204 Steamed shao-mai with and abalone

212 Steamed beef rib in black pepper sauce

217 Steamed honeycomb tripe in satay sauce

208 Steamed orange peel beef balls

374 Steamed creamy custard bun

135 Steamed matsutake and distant ginseng powder fruit

184 Steamed sharply bun with custard and egg yolk filling

150 Steamed black truffle mushroom bag

144 Steamed henry steudnera tuber and shao-mai

211 Steamed shrimp dumpling with soup

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