Din Sum Menu 3

Hong Kong Fulum Palace

223 Leek yellow fresh shrimp slippery sausage powder

224 Honey barbecued sausage

225 Smooth beef sausage

232 Red rice crispy skin sausage

154 Hand-rubbed buckwheat sausage

350 Plain steamed vermicelli roll

 331 Now the soya-bean grinding

129 Ice skin snow durian

258 Stout pear coconut cake

1628 Mango pudding

370 Special red bean baked egg

1602 Guohuang braised peach gum

1603 Ice flower braised Tianshan snow lotus

1604 Ice flower braised Sphaeroides

1605 Protein almond tea

240 Fried turnip cake with preserved meat flavor

234 Pan-fried pot sticker

156 Three silk fried spring rolls

231 Shrimp salt water angle

423 Fried millet cake

213 Jingchuan slippery dumpling

257 Boiled fragrant-flowered garlic and curdled pig’s blood

237 Roast pork buns

244 Deep-fried twisted dough sticks

340 Saute cuttlefish balls in soy sauce

158 Baked egg tart

352 Pan-fried golden cake

353 Fried rice cake with coconut juice

304 Green tea sweet and thin meal

186 Crispy durian cake

362 Honey BBQ pork puff

139 Steamed ginger cake

153 Steamed red jujube cake in shanxi

342 Steamed chen village powder with ox tripe

366 Fried beef with black pepper

229 Soup dumplings

369 Steamed large intestine with pepper

356 Steamed shrimp and bean dumplings

210 Steamed sugar mara cake

367 Steamed dace fish balls

325 Steamed shrimp and beancurd sheet roll

134 Steamed big peach bun

166 Steamed brown sugar walnut bag

201 Steamed barbecued pork bun with abalone sauce

209 Steamed chicken with glutinous rice sauce



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