Rjeldsens BUTTER COOKIES IMPORTED FROM DENMARK Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter(milk product), sugar, desiccated coconut, currants, egg powder(egg), invert sugar(glucose, fructose), salt, raising agent (ammonium hydrogen carbonate), vanilla. Chinese NRV% per 100g butter (milk product) desiccated coconut currants egg powder (egg) invert sugar (glucose fructose) vanilla Net wt. Produced in Denmark Produced by Kelsen Group A/S, Bredgade […]


Net Wt: 900g PRODUCT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA “BAWANGHUA” Heyuan RiceStick made of rice, starch and the state Class I surface water maintains fresh rice’s flavor. It’s certain that no food additives is add into the production procession in order to keep the product’s safe and health. For your family’s health, please identify […]


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