A’ Gensn Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel

A’ Gensn Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel FRESH ALOE NATURAL Deeply nourish moist and tender NOURISH u MOISTURIZING The research and development results obtained by Fine Chemical Engineering Research and Development Center are made by extracting the fresh Aloe essence, which have various effects such as lighten, nourishing, skin-rejuvenating, moisturizing and water-replenishing. Extraction from plant “aloe”, […]

Deeply Hydrating Facial Cream

A’ Gensn Deeply hydrating facial cream FRESH ALOE NATURAL Skin moist not dry NOURISH & MOISTURIZING Combined with aloe essence, give your skin nourishment what you needed, effectively replenish water, nourish and moisture dry shin, let your skin moisture. Moisture factor, replenish moistures, let your skin not dry. The research and development results obtained by […]


L’OREAL PARIS HYDRAFRESH HYDRATION + ANTIOX ACTIVE MILKY LOTION FRENCH GRAPE POLYPHENOLS + SPA WATER For normal to dry skin 1. French Grape Polyphenols: Powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals caused by daily aggressions. 2. French Vosges SPA Water: Naturally rich in minerals, helps to stimulate cell’s vitality to strengthen skin barrier for […]


France Skin Nursing Authority EBECA has been devoted to researching the specialized skin nursing products fit for the Asia female’s skin for the last 20 years. By reason of professional spirit and preeminent quality now EBECA has become an international well-known skin nursing brand being deeply loved by large quantity of Asian female. EBECA will […]

When And Where Using The Mist

EBECA Inline HYDRATING SERIES 7 Hydrating Mineral Essence Mist when and where using the product: When feeling the skin short of moisture, tight and heat, 1. before applying face cream in the morning and evening 2. at any moment in the daytime or after dressing 3. in the workroom 4. in the carriage or plane […]


EBECA Inline HYDRATING SERIES 6 Hydrating Mineral Essence Mist The product contains the mineral spring gene from the granite terrane in the depth of the Mediterranean sea in the east of France, rich in the various kinds of mineral and microelement such as selenium, manganese, silicon, copper, calcium, magnesium and so on, effectively reinforcing the […]


EBECA Inline HYDRATING SERIES 5 Hydrating Eye Gel Using the duplex moisture protecting nourishing and moistening function of the thermal spring and MOIST 24, can rapidly solve the water shortage around your eye and the edema Phenomena. At the same time, it contains abundant honey essence so it can activate the blood capillary in the […]


EBECA Inline HYDRATING SERIES 3 Hydrating Facial Cream High maintain warm spring water molecule and 24 hours running water ingredient, provide skin with water all weather and store water, makes your skin feel comfortable and wet immediately. At the same time the collagen ingredient in the formulation can bring vitality to your skin and help […]


EBECA Inline HYDRATING SERIES 2 Hydrating Emulsion Adding the outstanding MOIST 24 running water ingredient, the pure water molecules extracted from the high maintain, can immediately remove the thirsty of your skin, form Hydro-holding safety film in the surface layer of skin, can activate the cell to supply and store water during the 24 hours […]