Mini Brow Class Cutting Scissors

Mini Brow Class Cutting Scissors: 2nd Class Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide Book DO NOT USE PRODUCT NEAR FIRE KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN This is a easy-to-use trimming scissor attached with a removable comb component that effectively trims and grooms brows. Directions: 1. Neatly organize eyebrow hair with brow brush. 2. Comb […]

Nauthty Cow Menu

Nauthty Cow GOOD FOOD FOR EVERY ONE! Join us: 400-043-6660 Opening Rice with beef in Black pepper Sauce Sign radish offal Noodles Curry beef noodle Taiwan braised pork noodles Curry chicken noodles chicken and mushrooms noodles Sour powder offal Soup Fixinges

Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner

Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner Specially formulated for Asian hair to attain beautiful true-to-life hair color. Speedy Hair Color Conditioner with Natural Herbs Natural Brown Darkens grey hair in 5 MIN. Darkening enhanced as developing time lengthens. Contents: Cream No. 1 40g Cream No. 2 40g Hair Brush 1pc Please read enclosed directions carefully. Seller: […]


Baked Eye Steak W / Cheese Osso Bucco (for 2-3 persons) Roasted Chicken W / Chili Sauce Portuguese Style Roasted Suckling Pig Portuguese Style Baked Duck Rice Fried Mixed-Mushroom W / Olive Oil Portuguese Style Roasted Chicken & Rice Stewed Tripe W / Chick Peas Portuguese Style Baked Chicken Portuguese Style Stewed Rice W / […]

Mini Brow Class

3rd Class ETUE HOUSE Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide These three brow drawing stencils allow you to achieve three different looks with three different shapes that easily help you find your ideal frame. Directions: 1. Neatly organize eyebrow hair with brow brush. 2. Choose which Drawing Guide to use according to desired style. 3. Align […]

Sponge Double Sided Tape

Sponge Double Sided Tape Cusion Material Low-VOC The VOC content in this tape has been substantially reduced. For fixing outdoor mat. Ultrahigh strong adhesion! Ultrahigh Strong Type Length (approx) 6.5m Width (approx) 0.56 in (15mm) CAUTION Ensure the surfaces to which the tape is to be apllied are free of any oil, moisture or dust. […]


1. Detach and take down the upper part of the bottle 2. Add water. 3. Unscrew the cap and plug in the absorbent wool (as placed in figure) 4. Poor the upper part of the bottle into the soil 5. Evenly sow seeds to the soil 6. Watering (Moisten the soil) 7. Place it in […]