Baggage Identification Tag

Baggage Identification Tag: LIMITED RELEASE Fragile Unsuitable packed Perishable Late check in Not permitted as cabin baggage Damaged Baggage Checked Subject to Tariffs, including Limitations of Liability Therein Contained. Even if your baggage has been Tagged to Final Destination, You may Have to Clear it through Customs at Point of Transfer.

Arla Milk

As one of old monarchies in Europe, the Danish monarch has appointed Arla Foods to provide daily products to the Danish royal family and the royal household. Product Type: Ultra Heated Treated Standard Whole Milk Country of Origin: Germany Producer: Arla Foods Deutschland GmbH. Niederlassung Pronsfeld Im Scheid 1, 54597 Pronsfeld

MAGE’S Fresh Cake

MAGE’S Fresh Cake Solution of pollution free fresh eggs within 120 hours. Each of them has passed 49 qualifications. Ensure source safety. The fresh egg is pasteurized Delivery within 120 hours. There is no inventory. Swiss import line. 22 minutes scientific baking time. Golden skin is locked with delicious egg flavor. High quality fresh eggs […]


THINMAX Chocolate Cake FRAGRANT, FRESH, TASTE Let every piece of products stand the test of conscience Let each field remember the original dream


DALIYUAN SWISS ROLL BANANA CAKE ORANGE CAKE STRAWBERRY CAKE CHOCOLATE CAKE GOOD TASTE FROM GOOD MATERIAL Leisure partners, low sugar is not greasy, rich in dietary fiber to eat more or less negativebear, when the breakfast is very good have it have the friend


Garden ASSORTED BISCUITS Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Refined Vegetable shortening(contains antioxidant(322, 304, 307)), White Granulated Sugar, Desiocated Coconut, Food Additives(raising agent(500ii, 503ii, 341i), flavouring, acidity regulator(170i, 516), emulsifier(472e, 322), colour(160aii, 102(only used in cream)), flour treatment agent(223), enzymes(1101, xylanase, 1100), vitamin D), Fresh Hen Eggs, Invert Syrup, Cocoa Powder, Whole Milk Beverage(concentrated lemon juice, white granulated […]

Daliyuang Chocolate Pie

Daliyuang Chocolate Pie Daly Park chocolate pie, popular single product, a new taste experience, Ruannuo sweet, soft and delicious Q bomb entrance, soft stick teeth Every raw material is taken from nature Enjoy delicious With milk, smooth texture With fruit, fresh taste With honey, sweet and delicious With ice cream, taste new experience

Serving Direction

Torto Powdered Black Sesame Dessert Made in Hong Kong Serving Direction: 1. Empty one sachet into in 8oz bowl or cup. 2. Directly pour 200ml (7oz) hot water (95°C) into the bowl or cup. 3. Stir 1 to 2 minutes until dessert thicken, the serve. Ettason Manufactured by : Ettason (H.K.) Ltd. Ettason (H.K.) Ltd […]