Eran Mocha

ORGANIC CAFE Eran Mocha 4 in 1 INSTANT COFFEE Product: Mocha Ingredients: refined white sugsr , nin-dairy creamer, instant coffee powder, cocoa powder Production Date (Lot No.): See the bottom of canned Guarantee Period: 18 months Preservation Method: store in dry and cool place Made by: HA LONG ERAN COFFEE FOOD CO.,  LTD Add: No. […]

What is Kopiko White Coffee

1. Coffee Cherry The ripeness of the coffee cherry is not even, so we selected it one by one, to get the real ripe one for the best quality. 2. Robusta Coffee Beans 1) Carefully roasted at the right temperature 2) Strong body coffee taste. 3. Arabica Coffee Bean 1) From tropical high mountain 2) […]

KOPIKO White Coffee

Produced by / PT TORABIKA EKA SEMESTA, PO Box 6138, Janata 11061, Indonesia. E-mail: Imported and distributed by / Shelf Life: 2 years Prod. Date: YYYY-MM-DD 1.Put 1 sachet Kopiko white coffee powder into a cup, add 175 ml (1 cup) hot water. 2. Stir well, the rich taste of Kopiko white coffee […]


DIO COFFEE BLUE MOUNTAIN BLENDED COFFEE Anytime, Anywhere Product Name: Blue Mountain Blended Coffee Ingredients: 100% whole Bean Coffee Net Weight: 10g Date of Production: See bottom of the package Shelf Life: 18 months Manufacturer: Suzhou Dio Food Co., LTD. Tel: The “Dio Coffee” logo is authorized by the ownership of Dio F&B Management Co., […]

Drip Coffee Guide

1. Tear off the top of the drip bag that is marked with a dotted line. 2. Extend the hangers on both sides, push in the front side of the drip bag, then place it on top of a cup. 3. Pour in boiling water and allow the ground coffee to be soaked for 20 […]

Alicafe 4 in 1 White Coffee

Alicafe 4 in 1 White Coffee Premium Quality with Colunmbia Coffee Premium Gold Standard in Coffee Perfection with Oligofructose from Europe Net Weight 200g (10 sachets x 20g) SERVING SUGGESTION Preparation Step 1 Empty the sachet contents into a 150ml / 5FL. OZ cup. Step 2 Add in hot water ( 85℃-90℃)until full. Step 3 […]