FedEx International Air Waybill

FedEx Express International Air Waybill For FedEx services worldwide Sender’s Copy

1. From please print and press hard

Sender’s FedEx Account Number
Sender’s Name
ZIP Postal Code

2. To

Recipient’s Name
ZIP Postal Code

Recipient’s Tax ID Number for Customs Purposes
e.g., GST/VAT/IN/EIN/ABN, or as locally required.

3. Shipment Information

Total Packages Shipper’s Load and Count/SLA
Total Weight
DIM L/W/H in. /cm

For EU only: Tick here if goods are not in free circulation and province. C.I.

Commodity Description DETAIL REQUIRED
Harmonized Code
Country of Manufacture
Value for Customs REQUIRED

has EEI/SED been filed in AES?
For U>S. Export Only: Check One
1) No EEI/SED required, value $2,500 or less per Sch. B Number, no license required (NLR), not subject to ITAR.
2) No EEI/SED required, enter exemption number: if other than NLR, enter License Exception:
3) Yes – Enter AES proof of filing citation:

Total Declared Value for Carriage
Total Value for Customs (Specify Currency)

4. Express Package Service
FedEx Intl. Priority
FedEx Intl. First Available to select locations. Higher rates apply.

Packages up to 150 lbs. / 68 kg
For package over 150 lbs. (68kg), use the FedEx Expanded Service intl Air Waybill.

Not all services and options are available to all destinations.
Dangerous goods cannot be shipped using this Air Waybill.

5. Packaging

FedEx Envelope
FedEx Pak
FedEx Box
FedEx Tube
FedEx 10kg Box
FedEx 25kg Box

These unique brown boxes with special pricing are provided by FedEx for FedEx Intl. Priority only.

6. Special Handling
HOLD at FedEx Location
SATURDAY Delivery Available to select locations for FedEx Intl. Priority only.

7a Payment Bill transportation charges to:

Sender Acct. No. in section 1 will be billed.
Enter FedEx Acct. No. or Credit Card No. below
1) Recipient
2) third Party
3) Credit Card
Cash Check/Cheque

7b Payment Bill duties and taxes to:
Sender Acct. No. in Section 1 will be billed.
Enter FedEx Acct. No. below
2)Third Party
All shipments may be subject to Customs charges, which FedEx does not estimate prior to clearance.

8. Your Internal Billing Reference First 24 characters will appear on invoice.

9. Required Signature
Use of this Air Waybill constitutes your agreement to the Conditions of Contract on the back of this Air Waybill, and ou represent that this shipment does not require a U.S. State Department License or contain dangerous goods.
Certain international treaties, including the Warsaw Convention may apply to this shipment and limit our liability for damage, loss, or delay, as described in the Conditions of Contract.

WARNING: These commodities, technology, or software were exported form the United States in accordance with Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law prohibited.

Sender’s Signature:

This is not authorization to

For Completion Instructions, see back o fifth page.

FedEx Tracking Number Form ID No.

Ship and track packages at

The terms and conditions of service may vary from country to country.

Consult our local office for specific information.

Non-Negotialble International Air Waybill

Questions? Go to our Web site at

Or in the U.S., call Outside the U.S., all our local FedEx office.

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