Korean Kimchi


Spicy cabbage kimchi

Net content:

Food Name: Spicy cabbage kimchi


Chinese cabbage, cabbage, edible salt, chilli, ginger, garlic, sugar, shrimp sauce, fish gravy, Luzhou-flavour liquor, food additives(MSG, citric acid, xanthan gum, sodium dehydroacetate, curcuma, capsanthin, disodium 5′-ribonucleotide)

Edible Method:

1. eat it directly after opening

2. fried with rice

3. go with noodle 

4. fried or mixed vegetables

5. cooking soup

6. stuffing steamed bun

Storage condition: Keep it at a cool and dry place, do not exposure, refrigerated after opening.

Shelf life: 12 months

Production Date: See the sprayed code of back package.

Producing Area: Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

Producer: Chengdu Contact Research Institute For Chinese-Western Food Co., Ltd.

Add: Capping Community, Gongxing Street Office, Shuangliu District, Chengdu City

Postcode: 610200

Consumer Service Hotline

E-mail: see@contactlianxi.com


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