ARTOPIA natural hair


natural hair



1. Your natural hair eyelashes are ready for use. They have already had adhesive applied.

2. Carefully remove lashes form plastic mould by lifting one corner gently.

3. Fit it to your eye by holding in front of eye to determine correct length lashes should not extent beyond your own lashes or into corners of eyes. Cut off excess length one hair at a time.

4. Holding it with tweezers, place directly on eyelid, fitting it as close to roots of your own lashes as possible.

5. Apply eyeshadow as usual. Use liquid eye liner or brush-on shadow liner to accentuate line of lashes.

6. To restore adhesive to the base, use the special adhesive provided. Apply a fine line to lash base and allow to dry, Do not apply directly to eyelids.

7. To keep lashes in good condition, clean with methylated spirits occasionally to remove residue of adhesive.

8. To re-curl, place damp lashes between two layers of tissue and set around a small round pencil, Replace lashes in plastic mould to store for further use.

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