Artificial Butterfly Decoration Usage


Manufacturing material: polypropylene soak, film

Function: using magnetism, pin, sucking disc, sticking, binding, etc. referring to the obverse.

A. Magnetic butterfly can decorate the artificia flowers and all the iron goods incuding refrigerator, automobile, etc.

Method: direct put butterfly on them.

B. Pin type butterfy can decorate the door and curtain.

Method: direct pin on

C. Sucking disc type butterfly can decorate the ceramic tile and glass.

1. Before installation, it is necessary to clean away the dust or dirt on the surface.

2. Stick the sucking disc on the surface and forcibly press the central part so as to squeeze the air out of the sucking disc.

3. After mounting the sucking disc, readjust the spring angle till obtain satisfied angle.

4. Do not mount on the tough and unever surface.

D. Sticking type butterfly can be stuck to the surface of object. It is necessary to cean away the dust and dirt on the surface and keep the surface dry before installation.

E. Binding type butterfly can decorate the floral basket and scape, etc.


The characteristic of series noctilucence emulated adornment butterfly is that it absorbs the light in the daytime, and naturally gives out light at night. Therefore while decorating, you’d better fix it in the light place; In addition, due to the package and transport, the wings of buterfy are basically horizontal with the body. Whie decorating, you may adjust the angle of wings according to personal apppreciation habit.

Method: first align the wings at both sides with each other upwards and then forcibly knead and press the joint between body and wings until obtains optional 3D result.

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