Guifaxiang Mahua

GUIFAXIANG Fried Dough Twist

GUIFAXIANG Shibajie Mahua


Tianjin Guifaxiang Food 18th Street Mahua Food Co., Ltd. (Code: H)
Address: No. 32 Dongting Road Hexi District Tianjin China (P.C.: 300221)
Food Production License No.:

Tianjin Guifaxiang 18th Street Mahua Food Co., LtiFood (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (Code: K)
Address: No. 118 Weiliu Road Airport Economic Area Tinajin China (P.C.: 300308)
Food Production License No.:

The code at the beginnng of the manufacturing date reresetns the manufacturer


(Monday to Friday 08:00-17:30, statutory public holiday excepted)


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