AODAO seaweed

AODAO seaweed

We are HACCP certified

A leading enterprise in the fishing industry of Shantou

This product is selected fromthe sprout of Aodao laver in late autumn, dried by infrared ray drier at a time, crisp and fresh, delicious and tasty.

Process with high quality seaweed

Grow naturally, no fertilizer or pesticide

Grow in non-pullted water, safe to eat

Edible method:
It can be used soup or fry, etc. It is recommended to wash in warm water before consumption, pick out impurity and drain ASAP to avoid the loss of nutrient phycoerythrin. Cooking time depends on personal preference. If like crisp taste, please add into washed seaweed latest and turn off immediately.

Manufacturer: Shantou Jiasheng Food Technology Co., Ltd.
ADD: Chongjin Road, Lanyuan, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong, China

Storage:Keep in a shaded, cool, dry place. Use up as soon as possible after opening or seal and store in a cool environment.

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