Expiry Date: See Battery (MM-YYYY)

Observe the following safety precautions. Batteries may leak, lverheat, rupture or cause equipmet breakdowns or personal injury if mishandled.

1. Keep out reach of children.

2. Consult a doctore immediately a battery is swallowed.

3. Do not disassemble, heat up or dispose of batteries in fire. Insert batteries with positive & negative terminals oriented correctly.

4. Do not short circuit the batteries.

5. Do not carry or store them together with metallic objects such as a necklace. This type of battery is not rechargeable. The battery may leak or breakdown if charging is attempted. Do not use new batteris with old ones or use different batery types together.

6. Immediatly remove worn or dead batteris from the equipment.

7. Do not directly solder anything to the battry.

8. Do not store the batteries under the direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidlty.

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