With blue light reducing lens

For the person using a personal computer or a smart phone.

Personal computer glasses which protect eyes.

This Glasses for PC will reduce “Blue Light” given off from digital devices.

The “Blue Light” given off from LED screen of PC, smartphone, TV, or game console is the light that its wavelength is very close to ultraviolet lights among visible lights, and it contains high energy.

Therefor, it’s concerned that it may affect the retina and cause glare or flickering, or even eye disease.

This Glasses for PC will protect your eyes from the harmful light.


Please do not put on a hot place.

Although these goods have been given special processing which prevents cracks or scratches, if you store it with metal goods, it may get cracks or scratches.

Although it prevents your eyes from the dazzle of light in the daytime, it does not have the other protective functions.

Don’t use it inside of a tunnel or a dark place, and don’t look a strong light such as the sun and welding are irrespective of the shading of lenses.

Please do not wear for a long time.

Don’t wear it when you take part in sport such as soccer and basketball otherwise you may injure your face if it’s broken.

You can change to new one for only a defective product in the shop you bought it.

No responsibility is taken for any damage. We are not responsible either claims or lost profits from third parties.

Do not use it for any other purpose.

Produced for DAISO JAPAN


1-4-14 Saijyo Yoshiyukihigashi, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8501 JAPAN

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