Essential Balm Instruction for use


OTC class b

Please read the instruction carefully before using it or consult the pharmacist

Drug Name: Essential Balm

Chinese Spelling: fengyoujing

Compositions: menthol, methyl salicylate, camphor(racemic), eucalypti oil, clove oil.

Supplementary materials: light liquid paraffin, essence, chlorophyll.

Description: It is a clear oily liquid in light green with special aroma, cool and peppery.

Action & Indications: With effect of cooling, smoothing pains, expelling wind evil, stopping itch, it is used for mosquito bites, insect stings, car sickness, and also for headache and dizziness caused by cold.

Specification: 3 ml/bottle

Usage and dosage: Apply to the affected parts. Intake 4-6 drops each time.

Averse reactions: Still not explicit.

Contraindications: Still not explicit.

1. Attention should be paid to the pregnant woman and children under 3 years old.

2. It should not be administered to scalds, injured and ulcerous skins.

3. Be careful not to let it go into your eyes when applying.

4. Stop applying when the skin became itching.

5. Keep it closed not to be volatile.

6. Do not use if your are an allergy or disposition person.

7. It is prohibited when its description changed.

8. Children should be guarded by adults while in use.

9. Keep out of reach of children.

10. If you are receiving other medication then consult your doctor or pharmacist before intake of it.

Medicine interaction: May take place medicine interaction such as using with other medicine in the meantime, detail please consult with doctor or medicine teacher.

Storage: To be kept closed in a cool place (<= Packing: The medicine packs with the glass bottle, 3 ml each bottle. Validity: 36 months. Voluntary standards: national drug standard ...... Approved NO: ...... Manual revision date: ...... Manufacturer: FUJIAN PACIFIC PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. Add: Fujian Province Economic and Technological Development Zone Quanzhou Qingmeng garden Yatai Road No. 1 Tel: Post code: If you have any problem please contact the manufacturer.

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