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The Unique Services from Pacific Coffee

It was in 1995 that we first developed business operations to offer one-shop Coffee Solutions (CS) to meet the diverse needs of customers.

An integrated service operator in the coffee business

While serving the business sector in particular the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants and clubs, total coffee solutions combine the highest quality beans, user-friendly machinery and expert coffee knowledge into a package that fits different customer needs.

The hospitality industry in particular realizes that the expectation for specialty coffee is increasing. Given the art of making good coffee is complex, many companies from the hospitality industry rely on Pacific Coffee to provide them with a total coffee solution, thus improving their revenue streams and profit margins while enhancing customer satisfaction.

In addition, Pacific Coffee assists many local business organizations with the supply of coffee in the office, coffee bar equipment (for selling or renting) and a wide range of coffee beans and capsules. Besides, Pacific Coffee hosts coffee salons regularly for customers to enhance their experience.

Pacific Coffee Capsule System

Pacific Coffee brings to you the capsule system with advanced technology that users have long been waiting for! With just a push of a button, the 15-bar pressure pump system can professionally brew a cup of superb quality beverage and it is perfect for both home and office uses.

Capsule flavors include the classic Pacific Coffee Espresso Blend, Breakfast Blend, Colombian Supremo, Mild and Chocolate. Users may also create their unique beverage by mixing-and-matching these capsules.


If you are planning to open a coffeehouse, cafe or wherever it is, we can provide you with:

Entire business plan

Store operational training in different cities

Advanced equipment and premium ingredients

A tailor-made solution for store opening

A complete and professional after-sales service


If you are planning to offer coffee service to your company, staff and other locations, we can provide you with:

Coffee making equipment from a number of world famous brands for selling or renting

Value-added experience such as coffee salon and coffee workshop

Coffee beans, tea and premium ingredients at different price levels to satisfy individual customer need

A complete and professional after-sales service


If you would like your hotel guests, family and friends to easily enjoy a quality coffee, we can provide you with:

Different models of PCC capsule machines

Marvelous coffee making equipment

Germany-imported coffee capsules

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