Quality Coffee with Exclusive Milk


Specialty Coffee Beans

Apart from the coffee beans for retail at our stores, Coffee Solutions also offers exclusive Acadia Blend and Samba for customers.


Rich and balanced with chocolate and fruity notes

Blended with Brazilian beans (20%), Colombian beans (20%) an Yunnan coffee beans (60%).

Samba adopts the Viennese roasting method to create richly layered, portraying distinctive chocolate and fruit sugar flavors.

The excellent texture, smooth taste, moderate sweetness and acidity bring you a lingering finish.


Balanced and robust with earthy and herbal notes

Naturally grown in tropical climate, the additive-free beans from Yunnan Province and Vietnam show distinctive flavors, rich body and fragrance.

The surface of the bean is dusky gold, covered in a coating of grease. The fragrance of Acadia Blend will stay long in the mouth, with a sense of foo for thought.

Pacific Coffee’s exclusive milk

To enhance the taste and quality of coffee, Pacific Coffee has our own developed milk, it is a formulated product made with 100% milk.

The milk has to go through strict quality control before being handled through a series of standard treatments to remove excess cream (fat). By attaining an appropriate fat level, the milk aids to derive the optimal flavor for pairing with coffee.

Beverages made with this exclusive milk carry fine and subtle foam, smooth texture and pleasant aroma of milk.

This product is co-developed by Pacific Coffee and a well-known milk manufacturer. It has met the National Standard GB25190 – food safety standard on sterilized milk.

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