Starbucks’ Dark Roast Blends


Dark Roast Blends

1. Espresso Roast & Decaf Espresso Roast
Dense, smooth and caramelly sweet.
Our blend of Latin American and Asia/Pacific coffees features a rich aroma and a balanced, smooth texture.

2. Italian Roast
Sturdy, sweet and slightly smoky.
Our blend of Latin American coffees is roasted a bit darker than our Espresso Roast for an intense flavor.

3. Black Apron Exclusives
While searching for the world’s great coffee beans, Starbucks coffee buyers often discover exceptional and unique coffees that are only available in small quantities.
Some offer extremely exotic flavors, while some are simply exquisite examples of coffee from a certain place.
Starbucks has created a new line of coffees, called Black Apron Exclusives and makes them available in limited quantities at select stores.

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